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Arcaid Supports Education of children in the Cameroons

Arcaid was delighted to welcome Lucy Ntui Djohou and Charlotte Mc Dowell to the AGM which was held on Monday November 26th at St Joan's Hall. Lucy who lives and work in the Cameroons gave us the personal stories of three of the children whose education Arcaid supports. All orphans they come from very difficult background. The political situation in the Cameroons is very difficult and children have only been able to return to school after almost a year during which schools remained closed. Her thanks to Arcaid on behalf of these girls who can now continue their education was very generous. Charlotte and her husband established regular communication with St Bonaventure Fraternity in 2014 and have been traveling out to help on many projects for over a period of 5 years. From their English base they have they have managed to send shipments to the Fraternity….books, football kits, medical equipment and toys among other things. We thank both Lucy and Charlotte for taking the time to speak to Arcaid about the wonderful work they both do.

Our treasurer Louise McDonald presented Charlotte with a cheque from Arcaid to thank her and to further support projects in the Cameroons. Click here for AGM 2018 draft minutes

Arcaid would like to encourage anyone who is interested in finding out more about Arcaid projects or who would like to become a contributor to contact our chair Mariola Boyd by email at

What is ARCAID?

ARCAID is St Joan's own independent charity, started in 1989 with the aim of filling in gaps in the work of the larger agencies, by trying to reach people who would otherwise be neglected.

ARCAID looks for individuals, families, orphanages, small health centres, schools, whose needs - though often desperate - do not come within the ambit of the bigger aid programmes. It finds trustworthy agents, on the spot, who know exactly what needs doing and where the use of a few pounds, at a critical time, can make a crucial difference to people's lives. This kind of small-scale aid becomes a very direct and personal thing. It brings the giver closer to the person in need, making that person a 'neighbour' and a particular subject of prayer.

Their income is from subscriptions and gifts and last year they disbursed £33,460 to 23 deserving cases in many countries including India, Africa, South America. The projects range from buying much needed equipment for rural health centres to funding the educational needs of orphans and other disadvantaged children.

How Does One Join?

Simply by giving, occasionally or regularly, in any amount one chooses. Most people give by banker's order, monthly, quarterly or annually, and most of these make covenants or Gift Aid declarations which enable ARCAID to obtain valuable tax refunds. Charity cheques and Give As You Earn are other tax-efficient methods. Parishioners of St Joan of Arc have the option of giving cash in envelopes placed in the church collecting plate. Click here for donation form which can be printed.

Most projects are brought to ARCAID's attention through members of the parish or through contacts we have made on previous projects. If you'd like to suggest a new project or contribute to ARCAID, please get in touch with Mariola Boyd at

.A full list of recent projects can be seen by clicking on this link.

How does ARCAID do this?

By getting to know most of the people to whom it sends aid - missionary and native priests, nuns and lay persons, medical workers etc. - and even by inviting them to visit Farnham, when possible, and speak about their work.

·By finding out exactly what help they need and sending money, or goods such as medicines, specifically to provide that help.

·By keeping in touch with them and telling ARCAID members exactly where their money goes and how it is used.

So where does the money go?

Mostly on small projects, such as wells for clean water, for which ARCAID can find the full cost. This lessens the risk of wasting money on projects left unfinished for lack of funds. ARCAID has sent aid, from a few hundred to several thousand pounds worth to more than 30 poor countries across the world. It also contributes, from time to time, to emergency (eg famine) appeals.

Who takes the decisions?

A committee of trustees elected by the members. Members are also welcome to propose projects. Some make donations on condition that they go to a particular project.

How much of the money goes on expenses?

None. ARCAID'S modest size enables it to absorb all its running costs. Every penny given to ARCAID goes to the poor. An anonymous donor pays for our small bank charges.

Committee members are:

Mariola Boyd(Chair), Nikki Matthews(Vice Chair), Fiona Dick(Secretary), Louise MacDonald(Treasurer), Maggie Putland, Martin Parr, Mark Scalon, Mel Whytehead, Nora Tarrant and Mary Nolan.

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