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All Services at
St Joan of Arc Farnham will be suspended from
Saturday March 21st inclusive until further notice


Dear Parishioners
We are constantly being updated about what our response to this virus should be.
For now let us really live St. Paul’s phrase we hear so many times in his letters in the New Testament to be ‘in Christ’.
We are all connected in Him and through Him with each other.

Lord Jesus you promised us that You would be with us to the end of time.
You are with us now.
We pray for ourselves, our families, our friends, our fellow parishioners and for all people at this time.

May the God of love bless us all. Amen.

Fr Niven

Letter to parishes from Bishop Richard, 12 March 2020 with Covid-19 virus advice:

Following the recent guidance issued via the Deans in the response to the Covid-19 virus, in order to reduce possible transmission, I hereby direct that the following special pastoral measures are to be implemented across the Diocese until further notice: Main points are as follows:

The sign of peace is to be suspended at Mass.

• Holy Communion from the chalice shall cease to be offered to the lay faithful.

• Those who choose to receive Holy Communion on the tongue should be encouraged to receive on the hand instead.

• Holy water stoups in churches and chapels are to be emptied.

• Churches and chapels that are open daily for private prayer should continue to remain open. Care should be given to ensuring that surfaces ... are regularly sanitised throughout the day.

• Ministers should wash and also sanitise their hands before and after distributing Holy Communion. Shared towels should not be used in toilet areas or the sacristy.

• Shared hymnbooks and Mass books should cease to be used. Single-use Mass sheets may be used; though these should be disposed of immediately after use.

• All catering in parish halls is to cease. This includes ... any catering for groups that may be hiring parish halls.

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History of St Joan of Arc Church

Advice from Bishop Richard

If you are vulnerable, i.e. elderly, have a weakened immune system, a long term condition such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease....or members of your family have cold or 'flu symptoms, you are asked not to attend the church or parish functions.

•Hand cleansers ... At the time of writing supplies of hand cleanser have run out/depleted. Please bring your own for the time being.

•The collection baskets will not be passed round. Collectors will be at the back of the church at the end of Mass.

•Holy Water stoops have been emptied.

•The Mass sheets will be distributed please take home with you after Mass. Please do not leave in the benches for someone else to clear.

•The newsletter will be published but you are asked to take your copy home and not leave it in the church or download it from this website.

•Hymn books and other shared liturgical books will be withdrawn to avoid cross contamination.
We will, try to produce hymn sheets for Masses please take your copy home with you and bring it back each week.

Epic: A Journey Through Church History.

This will teach us about Conversion and Councils, Missionaries and The Emperor, Crusaders and Scholars, Weak Leaders and Schism, Protestors and Defenders, The Catholic Reformation, Revolutions and Modernism, A World at War, The New Springtime and The Threshold of Hope.

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26th March. Wintershall Stations of the Cross.


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