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Schedule of Masses throughout the day in England & Ireland

How to Collect a ticket for Daily Mass

To collect a ticket for Mass at St Joan’s be at the Church from 11.30 after Mass on the day before you wish to attend the Mass.

If you can not appear at church make an application by email Subject: Mass entry ticket
You will be notified by email if your application has been successful on the day before the Mass.

You can still turn up to Church without a ticket on any day and be seated if the designated places(as specified by government regulations) have not all been filled.

Whether at Mass or not you are all remembered in prayer and so included in every Mass at
St. Joan’s.

Face Masks

Please put your mask on before you enter the doors of the Church and remove it only after you have left the Church building.

Provide your own mask and if it is disposable please take it home to dispose of and not leave it behind in the Church.

We are grateful to be able to come to Church once again so that this may continue we must do all we can to prevent a coronavirus spike coming from our community.

We continue to pray for an end to this virus and for the health and safety of all of our people.

May God bless us all as we continue to live through the challenges of this time.

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and Group Prayer
during this Difficult time

St Joan's Charity Helping in other parts of the world during the Covid Crisis.

Parish of
St Joan of Arc

The Church is now open for Mass
Tuesday - Friday at 11am
Mass also 11am & 5pm on Saturday 8th August
11am on Sunday 9th August

(see message on the left for details on

The Government has made face masks compulsory for all who come to Church. Please wear one at all times when in the building.


(The Church is closed on Mondays)

Sunday Obligations are still suspended, if you are able to
attend a Weekday Mass please do so and leave the
weekend Masses to people who work during the week.

Numbers for Mass are limited.

(Church closes at 12 noon)
(Please note there are NO toilets available)

Under guidelines please provide your own mask,
gloves and wipes to sanitise any area you have
touched and sat within the Church.

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week of August 1st

Parish Mission Statement

I want you to be happy,
Always happy in the Lord.
I repeat what I want
is your happiness.
PH 4:4-5

Monday Homily
August 3rd

The prophet Jeremiah tells the false prophet Hananiah that because of his untrue preaching “this people are now relying on what is false...”

St. Paul tells us that whatever is lovely and noble and good, no matter who says it or where it comes from we should rejoice in those things.

There are however false teachers and preachers of religion all over the world. Anything that does not allow us to root what is being said in love for God and others may very likely be false.

Let us be relieved and comforted to be taught by the Lord Himself who said “I Am the Way, the TRUTH and the Life ...”(Jn. 14.6)

Be Not Afraid by Catholic Artists from Home

Updated details for Finances
St. Joan of Arc
(Your help is needed)

It is very clear we value highly having our Priest and parish community available whenever any of us needs support. But in these times, it is important we all consider carefully how we support our church. The finance contact details were updated in July. Click here for most recent information.

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