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The Arcaid AGM was held on Monday, November 23rd.
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Under guidelines please provide your own mask,
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touched and sat within the Church.

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Sunday 29th November, the prayer hour from
11am to 12 noon in St. Joan’s will take the form of personal prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

The Church is open for Private Prayer
11am -12 noon to Tuesday 1st December
Public Mass resumes on
Wednesday 2nd December at 11am

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First Sunday of Advent, November 29th


Red Wednesday, 25th November, when we are asked to remember and support the millions of Christians across the World who are persecuted for their Faith. Westminster Cathedral and .....from Sydney to Chile.....from Rome to the Philippines, buildings will be illuminated with red light. For information and what you can do, click here.

Parish Mission Statement

I want you to be happy,
Always happy in the Lord.
I repeat what I want
is your happiness.
PH 4:4-5


Friday, November 27th

Psalm 83 from today’s Mass says that God is the “living God.” What would a non living God be?
Well first of all it could be describing a no god. A god who didn’t exist, a god who was made up, an idol made into an image of an animal or a human or a mixture of the two.

It is a central experience of our religion that God is the living God. He is a God who is real because He exists and because He has a plan for the Cosmos and for the planet Earth and all its inhabitants.

A living God is not a far off, distant God. A living God is a close God, a God who is close to us and who is near us. A living God is a God who lives within us.

A living God is a knowable God, a God of personal experience, a God who wishes a personal relationship with each one of us. As we draw to the end of this last week of the Catholic year let us put ourselves into the hands of the Living God.

Living God, let your relationship to me be loving
and personal, not cold and distant. Come to my heart
and make me aware of your ongoing presence each
day of my life. Amen.

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