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Explore life, faith & meaning
Starts Wednesday 3rd March.
Hosted by St. Joan of Arc RC Church Farnham.

ENROL by February 28th by emailing Aidan Todd

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Join INVITED 2021,
our diocesan mission
starting Monday 22nd February.

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Listen to the Worship Song

This worship song has been specially commissioned for the mission, and has been composed and recorded by One Hope Project, a wonderful Catholic Worship Band. You can find the INVITED THEME ON YOUTUBE. You will see that we have also created an accompanying video to really engage the senses,
God loves you. He has great plans for you. He wants to accompany you through all the highs and
lows of your life.


"The Lent Journey"

Scheduled for 26/27/28 February,
5 talks by Worth Monks. Bookings via Click here for poster,


Arundel and Brighton diocese have announced that they will run a pared down trip to Lourdes this year. Click here for trip details.

The 2nd collection this weekend is for the Lourdes trip and envelopes are in the porch to collect if required. Please give generously.

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If you are unable to use the online system, you can email Cecilia to book a place.

You can still turn up to Church without an online booking on any day where there is a scheduled Mass and be seated if the designated places (currently only 16 places) have not all been filled.

If you are NEW to the parish or your family details have changed, please complete this
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Bishop Richardís Refugee
Crisis Newsletter

Funds are low and any financial support would be gratefully received.

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The Church is open for daily masses (11am)
(closed on Mondays)

Sunday Masses are as follows:

Saturday Vigil 5pm
Children’s Mass 9.15am
(priority for parents and children from babies to Year 6)

Morning Mass 11.15am
Youth Mass 5pm
(priority for parents and their young people,
year 7 and above)

One household per bench. Under guidelines please
provide your own mask,
gloves and wipes to sanitise any area you have
touched and sat within the Church.

Those in the shielding group should remain at home.
Everyone will be remembered at Mass.

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Lent is a 40-day fast — a reference to the time Jesus spent being tempted in the desert. It’s a time when we can prepare our hearts for the remembrance of Christ’s death.

Our observance of Lent culminates in the solemn celebrations of Holy Week when on Palm Sunday we follow Christ from his triumphant entrance into Jerusalem to the foot of the Cross as sorrowful bystanders to His Passion, before rolling back the stone of the empty tomb and the joy of the Resurrection.

The six-week period, excluding Sundays, is dedicated to prayer, fasting, and almsgiving in preparation for this great celebration of Christ’s Paschal Mystery in the Easter Triduum.

Lenten Prayer

Lord God, With all our hearts we beseech you: have mercy on your people; spare your people; strengthen all people in the struggle against the havoc of this pandemic.

Lord our God, without you we are so weak and our courage so limited. Give us your strength; give us your love; give us wisdom and skill to continue this fight. Spare your people,
O Lord we pray.

Comfort those who mourn and gather into your kingdom all who have died. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord, who died and rose to life, who lives and reigns with you, for ever and ever. Amen

NEW - St Joan of Arc Finances -
Thank you very much

Thank you to everyone who has supported our parish so well during these challenging times. The financial support you are giving is outstanding and details of our year end finances follow but firstly I would like to put donating money within the wider context of Stewardship.

In recent months so many of you have been a shining example of the Stewardship that is one of the primary ways Christ calls us to live our life. He reminds us that all we have and all we are is a gift from God Himself. Our gifts include many things; our faith, our friends and family, our skills, possessions, our community, our parish, and the gift of life itself. He asks us to approach our gifts gratefully, responsibly, accountably, to share them appropriately in our community and parish. Renewing your personal commitment to the Faith through giving is an important part of your personal spiritual growth and discipleship.

Each one of us is blessed with a unique portion of Time, Talent and Treasure. God calls us to use and share these blessings with others, including our parish. You could share your Time by praying and engaging with your parish online. You could share your Talent by volunteering your skills. You could share your Treasure by donating. The amount of Time, Talent or Treasure should suit your circumstances.

Recently I have seen many examples of people helping and serving others and I know what I have seen is only a very small example of what is going on. Well done.

Click here to read a parish financial update with the figures.

If you have any questions or comments please address them to our chair of finance, Jim, at

Thanks again and God bless

Fr Niven

Parish Mission Statement

I want you to be happy,
Always happy in the Lord.
I repeat what I want
is your happiness.
PH 4:4-5


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Sunday, February 28th

Our second reading today gives us the very core of Christian spirituality. St. Paul writes this - “With God on our side who can be against us?”

What encouraging words. Who wouldn’t want to be a Christian with this great teaching, God is on our side - meaning God is pro you and pro me and pro everyone!

St Paul continues speaking of Jesus - “He not only died for us - He rose from the dead, and there at God’s right hand He stands and pleads for us.” For us...,

For us ...All of the events of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and now in Heaven are For us...

This reminds us of the Eucharistic Prayer at Mass which repeats the words of Jesus at the Last Supper My Body For You,
My Blood For You.

Let us connect this to the opening prayer of Mass on this 2nd Sunday of Lent which says -

“O God...we pray to nourish us inwardly by your word...we may rejoice...”

God is for us because He is with us, He is within us. Christianity is an inward experience of Christ being in us. Our Spirituality is not just about the external events and happenings of Christianity and the liturgy it is about the interior life as the saints speak about. God’s grace is not only for me
but is in me.

This brings us to rejoice that God is so close to us and is
always for us.

Lord, you are within. Let me enjoy Your presence in my soul, every day. Amen.


Lord Jesus I cannot receive you Sacramentally at this time
but I ask you to come into my heart and soul to be with me.
May your loving Presence in me bring your love to all
through my words and actions, Amen.

For full details about St Joan of Arc's own overseas charity, Arcaid click here.

If you are able to give a one off donation at this time when Arcaid has so many requests for aid to very poor communities,
please click here.

Funds are low and any financial support would be gratefully received.

Heaven’s Road Catholic
Online Radio is an online radio broadcasting features like prayers, interviews and music to appeal to a Catholic audience – they also have many podcasts and broadcast over 40 daily live Masses from 15 churches in England and Ireland from their website.

An excellent Catholic radio broadcasting 24/7. Has traditional prayers, including Rosary, Angelus and prayers for the sick, plus lots of feature programmes and music. Also has many links on the website to podcasts etc, and about 40 live Masses a day from webcams in UK and Ireland. If anyone has a spare shilling to give away, the Radio is reliant upon donations - a very worthwhile cause. Donate here.

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