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They have joined an appeal launched by the UK Disasters Emergency Committee to help hundreds of thousands of people fleeing conflict
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Life for the people of Ukraine has changed completely with homes, schools, and hospitals destroyed.

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. The United Nations estimate that more than a million people have fled their homes so far - leaving behind jobs, belongings and loved ones. They desperately need shelter, food, and water. Donations to CAFOD will help local experts in Ukraine to provide: Food, water, healthcare, shelter and clothing You can donate to CAFOD's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal Click here.


Message from Bishop Richard Moth
regarding Ukraine.

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Daily Mass Wed- Sat at 11am

(Church closed on Monday and Tuesday)

Sunday Masses

Saturday Mass 5pm

Sunday Masses as follows:

Sunday, Children’s Mass 9.15am

Sunday, Morning Mass 11.15am

Sunday, Youth Mass 5pm

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Coffee is served after Mass on the 1st Sunday of the month at 9:15 and 11:15 in the Centre. Everyone is warmly welcome.

Confession after the 11am Mass and 5pm Mass every Saturday.

Please provide your own mask and wipes to sanitise any area you have touched and sat within the Church.


Rev. John Morris, Vicar of the Bourne Parish

Dear Parishioners,
the Vicar of St. Thomas on the Bourne the
Rev. John Morris leaves today (May 1st).
This will be his last service in Farnham.
He has been a good friend to St. Joan’s and when
he came to Farnham, he spoke at the
Sunday Evening Youth Mass.

We were delighted to welcome him.
The Rev. John Morris’s Ministry, has been to preach to the people of the Bourne that Jesus is Lord. His preaching announced that Jesus was not simply a good man or a spiritual leader but that He was God.

This was the reason he called
people to trust in the Lord because our Lord is God.
We wish the Rev. John Morris every good wish as he leaves Farnham.
We will be the less for his departure.
We keep him and the Bourne parish in our prayers as they now search for a new Vicar.

Parish Mission Statement

I want you to be happy,
Always happy in the Lord.
I repeat what I want
is your happiness.
PH 4:4-5

History of St Joan of Arc Church


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May 8th

In our gospel reading today Jesus says that He “gives”
us eternal life.

Notice this - that we are Given eternal life by the Lord.

Jesus is the Saviour. He came to live and to die and to rise again for our salvation.

We must let the Saviour be the Saviour. Otherwise we will be guilty of a heresy called Pelagianism in which people achieve their own salvation by their own means.

It is very important to hear the Lord say to us that He GIVES us eternal life.

Otherwise we get into a spiral of needing to do more and more nice things and keep on heading in the direction of making me the Saviour of myself instead of saying to Jesus - “I trust in you.”

This is one of the biggest misunderstandings about Christianity in and outside the Church that exists - that we need to do a lot of good works to earn a place in heaven.

If we do not hear Jesus say that he has Given us eternal life as a free gift then we will be constantly returning to saving ourselves.

Eternal life is a quality of life. It is the experience of knowing that the Risen Christ is living in me and is with me. Eternal life is to be enjoyed now here on earth. It is Given to us freely and this should in turn let us live life freely and with great spiritual happiness.

Life in the
Spirit Prayer Group

This prayer group is NOW meeting again in St Joan's Centre EVERY Wednesday at 8pm. Everyone is warmly welcome even if you have never been to a
prayer group before.
For information please email

Parish Lunches

Parish Sunday Lunches: We are hoping to restart Parish Sunday Lunches and are looking for volunteers to help with cooking and serving lunch and clearing up afterwards. We would aim to hold a lunch every 2 months or so. Please consider if you could help and if so, please email
Nikki Matthews:
or Mariola Boyd:
Thank you.

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