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Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations are free email reflections sent every day of the year. Each meditation features a reflection on a yearly theme, with each week building on previous topics—though you can join at any time! The theme this year is
A Time of Unveiling. Despite the uncertainty and disorder, our present moment is a great opportunity to awaken to deeper transformation, love, and hope. Sign-up here to receive the Meditations.

There is a weekly Saturday morning Zoom-based discussion group to explore the meditations.
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CAFOD – Climate Change Petition:

This year, the UK will host the largest gathering of world leaders ever to take place on British soil: the ‘COP26’ climate talks in Glasgow in November. As Prime Minister, Boris Johnson must push world leaders to show the ambition we need to keep temperature rises below the disastrous 1.5-degree threshold. This means that all countries must play their part. With the eyes of the world on the UK, we must urge the Prime Minister to make sure communities hardest hit by the climate emergency are listened to at COP26.

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For those without internet access, petition cards can be ordered from the CAFOD Shop: 0300 011 5680. Thank you.


Daily Mass including Saturday at 11am
(Church closed on Mondays)

Saturday Vigil 5pm
Sunday, Children’s Mass 9.15am
(priority for parents and children from babies to Year 6)

Sunday, Morning Mass 11.15am

Sunday, Youth Mass 5pm
(priority for parents and their
young people, year 7 and above)

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August 1st

Please provide your own mask and wipes to sanitise any area you have touched and sat within the Church.


St Polycarp’s is a lively, vibrant, happy school community where the Gospel values form the basis of our ethos and teaching. We are proud of our outstanding academic success and are driven to provide challenge for all. Provision in all areas of learning was rated outstanding in our most recent OFSTED and diocesan inspections.

We welcome applications from Catholic families,
those of other faiths or none.
for further information or to arrange to visit.


Parish Mission Statement

I want you to be happy,
Always happy in the Lord.
I repeat what I want
is your happiness.
PH 4:4-5


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Sunday August 1st

St Paul urges us not to live aimless lives. He obviously means that life has a purpose and that there is a targeted kind of life. He is talking of course about being a follower of Jesus, about being a Christian.

Our lives certainly have the target of heaven. Our final end, our destiny is to see the Lord face to face in Heaven. So we certainly are not aimless in our
ultimate goal.

Before leaving this life to be with God in eternity it is however important that we do not waste our time on earth in aimlessness. After all we know that we are on the road to eternity. To be aimless would be to waste the purpose of life on the earth. This is the place where we know love
and serve God.

Our target is Sunday Mass, is Holy Communion, is daily prayer, is love of neighbour.
These in themselves if lived lovingly and with attention and devotion would ensure that we do not live aimlessly. Why not recommit ourselves to this faith-filled way of living so that aimlessness is not our experience but rather the fulfilling of our purpose here on the earth which is to enjoy the loving presence of God with us on each day
of our lives.

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The Catenians is a national association of Catholic men based on faith, friendship, family and fun. Our primary purpose is to establish a network of friends, which enhances our family life, strengthens our Faith and sustains us in difficult times. We support each other, our Catholic parishes, our local Catholic schools and charities.

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