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What is ARCAID?

ARCAID is St Joan's own independent charity, started in 1989, with the aim of filling gaps in the work of the larger agencies, by trying to reach people who would otherwise be neglected. ARCAID looks for orphanages, hospitals, health centres, schools, parishes, families and occasionally individuals whose needs, though often desperate, do not come within the ambit of the bigger aid programmes. Arcaid is registered with the Charity Commission, Reg. No. 1002243, and more details can be found on the Charity Commission website.

Every St Joan's parishioner is a member of ARCAID.

Report on the Arcaid AGM 2023

Our thanks to all those Arcaid supporters who joined this year's AGM in the Parish Centre on Tuesday 28th November. This was Arcaid's first attempt at a hybrid meeting format, with a live broadcast on Facebook (still available) allowing more distant supporters to join us virtually. Nearly 30 attended, either in person or online.

The Treasurer, Mark Baines, reported that 2022-23 had once again been a good year, despite the economic climate - though this was due to some very significant one-off donations. Regular giving was showing a small decline, and would need to be boosted to ensure Arcaid's long-term financial stability. Arcaid made 15 grants totalling £36,713.76 to good causes across the world, helping with food, shelter, healthcare, education and agriculture projects.

Mariola Boyd, Arcaid Chair, thanked supporters for all their generosity over the years and announced that she would be stepping down at the end of the meeting. She was thanked most warmly for the many years of dedicated hard work she had given to Arcaid since joining as a Trustee when it was first established. Jo Rendall was also thanked as she was stepping down as a Trustee. Charlotte Woellwarth was elected as the new Chair and Nikki Matthews was elected as a Trustee.

The evening's speaker was Colin Andrews, of the Tiyeni Fund, who had last spoken to Arcaid 10 years ago. He updated everyone of the growth of the deep-bed farming methods which continue to be extremely successful - 700 farmers in Malawi were working in this way 9 years ago, and this number has now increased to 35,000. Full details of Tiyeni's works are available on their excellent website, www.tyeni.org.

The following documents provide information and a summary of Arcaid's activities in 2022/2023

Where does the money go?

In 2023, Arcaid made 15 grants totalling £36,713.76 to good causes across the world, helping with food, shelter, healthcare, education and agriculture projects.

Who makes the decisions?

A committee of trustees is elected by the members to discuss and decide on proposals. Trustees endeavour to establish and maintain direct contact with those supervising projects supported by ARCAID, often priests, nuns, medical workers, and request reports from them on the progress of the project.

Members are most welcome to propose projects.

Please contact us at arcaidfarnham@gmail.com if you have a suggestion.

Parish Charity: Arcaid

Where does the money come from?

ARCAID's income comes from regular subscriptions, usually by Standing Order or from one-off donations.

If you would like to become a regular subscriber, please complete the following Standing Order Form.

If you prefer to give a one-off donation at this time, please complete the following One-off donation form.

You could also help by signing up to the 'EASYFUNDRAISING' scheme. It takes a few moments to join, costs you nothing and results in a small donation to ARCAID from hundreds of well-known brands every time you shop online. SIGN UP FOR EASYFUNDRAISING.

How much of the money goes on expenses?

None, because ARCAID's modest size enables it to absorb all of its running costs. The only exception to this are bank charges for international bank transfers, but most of these are covered by the Easyfundraising scheme.

Parish Charity: Arcaid

Arcaid Contacts

If you have any further questions, please contact us at arcaidfarnham@gmail.com.